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“When I arrived in Chiang Mai in January 1992, thai massage was not as popular as it is now days and the choises on where to learn this ancient healing art where restricted to few school and some old masters.
Students were spending long time at the schools or with their masters absorbing and digesting the knoledge received by practicing and practicing.”

• Foundation Beginner Course

It is a 12 days course. It gives the basis to start working with Thai Massage and build up ones practice. The student learns how to give a full body Thai Massage to an average healthy person.

The following courses may be attended by anyone who has completed the Foundation Beginner Course either with Asokananda, Andrea Baglioni or any of the outhorised teacher of the Sunshine Network. However, individual discussion is possible for those who have not studied within the Sunshine Network, to evaluate the possibility of attending the classes listed below. Please email: info@learnthaimassage.it

• Practice and review of the beginner course

This three (or four) days course covers the material included in the Foundation Beginner course. It provides the student with an opportunity to see again the demonstrations and to do a supervised practice. It aims at improving confidence with the exercises and sensitivity on touch, providing the ground for further training. It is highly recommended to attend this course before embarking on any advanced workshop or course.

• General Advanced Course

It is a 6 days course and it requires the Foundation Beginner Course as back ground. The course introduces new techniques that can be integrated in the Foundation Beginner Course structure. Throughout the course, particular emphasis is placed on improving posture, breathing, touch and sensitivity.

• Side Position and Pregnancy Massage Course.

It is a 6 days course and it requires the Foundation Beginner Course as back ground. The course prepares the practitioner to give a full body Thai Massage with the recipient lying on the side; this is either for pregnant women, for recipients who cannot lye comfortably on the others massage positions, or whenever the masseur considers it appropriate. Particular attention is placed in how to structure a massage for a pregnant woman.

• Energy Lines and Therapies Course

It is a 6 days course. It requires the Foundation Beginner Course and the General Advanced course as back ground along with practical experience. The course covers the Energy Line and Points System as taught by Asokananda and the approach to therapeutic massage. It covers in details the Back Pain, Shoulder and Neck Therapies.

• Stiff, Heavy and Elderly People Massage Course

It is a xx days course and it requires the Foundation Beginner Course as back ground. It guides the practitioner in how to give a massage to recipients with particular body conditions by introducing, reviewing and highlighting specific techniques.

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All the courses are organised, independently from the teacher, by member houses of the Sunshine Network, private schools or individual students that are interested in having a specific course taught at their venue. If you are interested in organising a course, please contact Andrea Baglioni at: info@learnthaimassage.it