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Molina Di Ledro (Trento)

.:: Practice And Review of the Beginner Course ::.

Molina di Ledro, a beautiful location in the mountain in the north of Italy, just few km. away from Riva Del Garda (on the northern tip of the Garda Lake).;

Contact:  info@learnthaimassage.it

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The workshop will cover the material of the beginner course, focusing on feeling and touch, posture and adjustments. The cost of the 3 days is 370 Euro.
It includes the course fee, three vegetarian meals a day and shared accommodation.




.:: Thai Yoga Massage - Side Position and Pregnancy ::.

Side Position will explore advanced massage techniques for treating those who cannot lie on their backs including pregnant ladies or those with back and spinal issues.

Effective feet and elbow techniques to reduce the need to use thumbs and hands will be demonstrated and practised. You will develop a deeper understanding of energy lines, learn new side position stretches and new ways to support your client with a more comfortable Thai massage experience.
In addition, you will take part in Vipassana Meditation & Tai Chi sessions daily.

The course will be held in mainland Greece, in a beautiful Mediterranean village called Skorponeri – an hour’s drive from Athens and 20 minutes from the city of Halkida on the northern tip of the island of Evia. Situated on the coast, there will be lots of opportunities to enjoy the culture and atmosphere of the area and its renowned beaches. Click to view a short video and pictures of beautiful Skorponeri

Siva Rajha

E-Mail: sivatrajah@gmail.com
Homepage: www.andreabaglioni.com
Homepage: www.skorponeri-projects.com




      .:: Practice and Review of the Beginner course ::.

    .:: Energy Lines & Therapy Points ::.

.:: For the Lower Back and Shoulders ::.

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Contact: Siva Rajah
E-Mail: sivatrajah@gmail.com
Phone: 0 044 7932038202

Please contact Siva Rajah also for post graduate course, Advanced workshops, and Bridging courses to UK standards



Sunshine Network Centre - Lahu Village

.:: Traditional Thai Yoga Massage Beginner Course ::.


Teacher training available on this course

Contact:  info@learnthaimassage.it

All courses are organised, independently from the teacher, by Sunshine Network associates, private schools or individual students that are interested in having a specific course taught at their venue. If you are interested in organising a course, please contact Andrea Baglioni at: info@learnthaimassage.it