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About Andrea

Andrea Baglioni teaching

About Andrea Baglioni

Thai Yoga Mssage - Senior teacher of The Sunshine Network

Andrea Baglioni, born in 1964 in northern Italy, has been practicing and studying the art of northern style thai yoga massage for over 20 years...

His training started at the Old Medicine Hospital (foundation of Jivaka Kumar Bhaccha) in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

...Thereafter, he has extensively trained with Asokanada (author of The Art of Traditional Thai Massage – the first western book on the subject) and the renowned master of Thai massage Pichet Boonthumme † 2023.

Tai Chi and Yoga

Along with Thai Yoga Massage, Andrea practice and teaches Tai Chi and Yoga. He teaches training courses in Thailand, Italy and London.

Andrea is also a founding member of TTYMA the first Traditional Thai Yoga Massage Association in the UK, which has been set up to provide membership and standards of excellence, as well as keeping the lineage and foundation of Asokanada’s teachings strong.

Andrea visits Thailand annually, teaching at the Sunshine Network Centre (Lahu village research facility) as one of their most senior teachers. Since the passing of Asokananda he has co-run the Sunshine Network Centre Lahu Village in Northern Thailand.

Andrea Baglioni teaching

Traditional Thaiyogamassage

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